Spray foam insulaton in Austin

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Spray foam Insulation... Is it worth it?

Pays for itself immediately.

BioTex insulation is an Austin Texas company dedicated to providing our customers with a superior product that will improve their quality of life and provide energy efficiency while protecting the environment. Although most of our work is in Austin, we often find ourselves spraying foam in neighboring towns.

Since you installed BioTex foam in August of 2012, we added 600 sq. ft. to our footprint and were still able to use the existing AC unit to cool our home. For June and July of this year, we used 1,443 fewer kwh than in 2011 with 600 more sq. ft. to cool...
...Thanks again for the great job your crew performed in installation and for a better insulated home. Bob Stewart

Leakage is not ventilation

Ventilation is fresh air that enters a house in a controlled manner to exhaust excess moisture and reduce odors and stuffiness. Air leakage is air from outdoors that enters a house uncontrollably through cracks and openings.

In Central Texas, during cold, hot, or windy weather, too much air may enter the house. A leaky house creates moldy, dusty attics. People pushing fiberglass say a house needs to breath. Wrong. According to the United States Department of Energy, 60% of the average monthly utility bill in America is due to leagkage. A breathing house is nothing more than a house with leakage. You need controlled ventilation. This is especially important in Austin or anywhere in Central Texas which seems to be the allergy capital of the world.

Foam insulation controls your ventilation and your environment

In your home, you can keep harmful mold, bacteria and allergens at bay without resorting to harmful chemicals. Spray Foam Insulation will minimized bacteria, pollen, mold and other allergens from seeping into your house. When insulating foam is sprayed into wall cavities, it expands to fill all nooks and crannies. You and your family will breath cleaner air resulting in a healthier life.

What about the R-values?

Spray foam insulation and fiberglass have the same R-value at 3.5 inches of thickness. However, R-values are greatly over rated.

Leakage and Steady-state are the measures that are important. Steady-state is the amount of time it takes the temperature of the insulating material inside the wall to equal the outside temperature, and thereby quit providing any insulating barrier. The closer the temperature of the insulating material gets to stead, the less your insulating properties. A properly foam insulated house will never reach steady state.

Steady state in Central Texas

An exposed air conditioned house in Texas with fiberglass insulation will reach steady-state in about 3 hours whereas the same house with foam insulation will not come close to getting there (it would take 24 hours of intense, direct sunlight. We get a lot of sunshine in the Austin area, but I have yet to see 24 hours of direct, continuous, sunlight. You are never going to reach steady state with spray foam insulation.

Spray Foam Insulated homes are more livable

The difference in a home insulated with spray foam insulation and one without is astounding.

  • You hear the quiet.
  • It does not send particles of glass or anything else flying through the air. You can store your Christmas tree in your attic and not be afraid to retrieve it a year later. Your attic is sealed and free of dust.

How does Foam Insulation work its magic?

Spray foam insulation is applied as a liquid through two tubes. These two liquids interact upon exiting the installer nozzle. The spray is then applied into wall, ceiling, and floor cavities as a liquid. It immediately explodes into 100 times its size, filling all those holes, nooks and crannies as well as expanding around framing and wall outlets. Because open cell foam does not shrink, sag, or settle, it is the perfect insulation and air barrier; insulating and sealing in one step. This may not be headline news for the Austin American Statesman, but it is a great news for texas homeowner trying to keep their homes cool and energy bills under control.

Your wallet votes YES for foam insulation

Leaks and poor insulation are costing you thousands of dollars each and every year. Make the smart money choice. Switch to foam insulation.

Fire Retardant Sucra Seal Spray Foam Insulation

The Sucra Seal burn difference

Attics in older homes

If you do not have foam, air and your utility bills are going through the roof. We spray fire retardant Sucra-Seal spray foam insulation into your roof deck.

R-values are Misleading


Is this a strange rating system? A cooler with the lid shut or cracked has the same R-value. Fiberglass Batts biggest problem is leakage.

2014 Austin Cool House Tour

Biotex Foam Insulation is Proud to have been the Foam Contractor on Three of the Eleven Homes on the 2014 Austin Cool House Tour.

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